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All users must provide information about themselves when they register on the Website. This information may be stored and archived by the Corporation. Users are free to contact with any questions or concerns they may have about services or opportunities provided on the Website. By corresponding with the Corporation via email, users consent to the Corporation retaining all email messages and responses that are provided. There is certain information that the Corporation must collect to operate the Website in an efficient manner and facilitate transactions between guides and users who want to book trips. Your consent to provide us this information is necessary in order for us to retain the information. By using the Website and providing your personal information, you consent to us collecting and recording this information. Additionally, by using the Website you may provide us with information, such as your Internet Protocol address, which is provided anytime you visit any website.

Your personal information is needed to determine what types of users are using the Website and to adapt the site to create the best experience for users. Personal information is necessary for us to operate and improve the content of the Website. We may use personal information to research how the services on the Website are used. Furthermore, personal information may be used to customize promotions on the Website. Some users may choose to voluntarily disclosure more information than is required in order to better facilitate transactions on the Website. Users are free to edit or remove this personal information at any time, making it no longer viewable to the general public. However, we may continue to store or archive this personal information.

Certain technological functions are used on the Website in order to make the log-in and booking process easier for users. These functions may remember and store information so that it will not have to be entered each time a user logs into the Website. Functions may also be used to monitor the traffic on the Website, as well as the type of users using the Website. This information is necessary for us to improve the content and services on the Website.

The Corporation has the right to remove any information on the Website about users for any reason or for no reason at all. The Corporation does not warrant or represent to monitor the content and accuracy of personal information on the Website, but we reserve the right to monitor all information posted. Users must not publish any information that is a breach of another entity’s intellectual property rights. The Corporation may remove information at the insistence of another party.

The Corporation may be forced to disclose personal information in order to comply with laws, enforce our Terms and Conditions or to exercise certain rights that we possess. By providing us with personal information, users acknowledge that their information may have to be disclosed. If users do not agree to any of the provisions of this Privacy Policy, they should not use the Website and should not provide any personal information.

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